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Whether you need a sophisticated system that helps you manage your customers or specific software tailored to your business, Nu-Digital can help.

What Is A CRM System?

A CRM System is a Customer Relationship Management tool helping businesses keep track of client projects.

From storing customer details, to helping with lead management, a CRM System helps to make the customer building process smooth.


Keep track of how you acquired your customers. Whether it was word of mouth or online, A CRM System allows you to segment your customers giving you an instant breakdown of where your customers came from.

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Other Advantages Of A CRM System


Are you an E-Commerce website looking to send automated emails every time a customer makes a purchase? Or a service-based business looking to automate invoices? What about an automatic email prompting a customer to leave you a review? All can be done with a CRM System.

Your Own Bespoke Database

Having a CRM System is like having your own custom Business HUB. It holds all customer information, project updates and data analytics in one place. Want to check on a project update a staff member is working on? Want a breakdown of how many jobs came from Google or Social Media? Or revenue gained in the last 12 months? All data is stored in a Customer Relationship Management System.

Data On The Go

Whether you are working from home, at the office or on the go, CRM data can be made mobile. What else would you expect in this nu-digital era we live in? Instantly access business information from your mobile phone or tablet – whether you are on the train or have 5 minutes spare to check on a few things. Grab a coffee and make it simple. 


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