E-mail Marketing

Build brand awareness and the right audiences for a seamless re-targeting strategy.

Increase Conversions With Email Marketing

If you have a large e-mail list for your customers, e-mail marketing can be a great way to build audiences and increase conversions. 

Track success of campaigns with specific metrics telling you how to get the most from whatever it is you want advertised.

Design + Layout

Your E-Mail campaign has to be specific to your brand guidelines and come equipped with a user experience that gets to the point.

Built For Conversions

You might need more than one. Tailored E-Mail campaigns to make sure the thought process really lands with the user.

Nu Digital Email Marketing

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E-Mail Marketing

Customer Utilisation

By sending an E-Mail to a customer you already have, the chances are they will purchase from you again. Corporates will send E-Mails notifying customers of a new product line, a new service or take the perfect opportunity to raise awareness of any promotions they have going on.

Personalised Content

Provide information based on existing customer trends. If you know they like ‘Product A’ and you have just launched ‘Product B’ which is an extension of the former, wouldn’t you want a fast and efficienct way of telling your in-market audience as soon as possible?

Drive Traffic

Showcase content you want known to your audience. New blog post? Let’s get some hits. Launching a brand new Instagram Page? Let’s get some engagement. Whatever you want your customers to see, let’s get it shown and let’s track the performance with…

…Custom Analytics

E-Mail Marketing comes with an additional set of metrics to monitor that are specific to the campaign in question. Receive Powerful insights in real time data that will take your performance to the next level.


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