Social Media Marketing

Nu-Digital provides both organic and paid social media advertising.

Your Personal Social Media Manager


We build custom content plans for all organic clients.


We deliver the right strategy for optimal visibility – this always has priority.

Advanced Targeting

Take your targeting to the next level with a paid ad solution.

Digital Growth

Watch your B2B or B2C business grow with your own social media strategy.

We Want To Provide Value

Take advantage of our FREE Digital Planning Session. Unlock your market’s best route of attack and keep budget waste to a minimum.

Social Media Marketing

We all know how much of an influence social media has on a local, national and global scale. Whether your business is solely B2B or B2C, Nu-Digital will help increase your visibility to your target audience.

We will showcase the right type of digital assets alongside a custom strategy for your business. All social media efforts will positively contribute to your exact business goals.

Considering paid social media ads? In what we call ‘push marketing’, Nu-Digital aims to reel in business by showcasing your products and services with specialist targeting.

The Power Of Social Media

Social Media should be a positive representation of the brand you want to build. Whether that means manipulating organic algorithms to highlight your U.S.P’s, or utilising a retargeting strategy with paid ads.

We assess results with real time data and give you a breakdown of the type of audience you’ve reached.


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We’ll tell you the first steps you need to take, explain the technical jargon you hear in lehmans terms and go over your best bets for a maximum return on investment.

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